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The students@work website is a resource built to help students and their teachers, parents and employers about manage the balance between study and working life.

The NSW Teachers Federation, via this website, aims to provide advice and support for students, teachers, parents and employers.

The NSW Teachers Federation is interested in workplace fairness for public school and TAFE teachers and for the students they teach. In 2007, the Federation commissioned an independent research organisation, Think: Insight & Advice to investigate issues specifically relevant to young people enrolled full-time in public high schools or TAFE colleges in NSW and who also work part-time. The study did not include apprentices and trainees who have different work/study arrangements. Nor did it include students working in family businesses.

The findings of that research were published in two reports:

“You’re gold…if you’re fifteen years old – The perceived impact of WorkChoices on Youth Employment and Education in NSW”

Click here to download the report.


“You’re gold…if you’re fifteen years old – A TAFE Student Perspective”

Click here to download the report.

As a result of the findings of these studies, the Federation Annual Conference initiated this site with the aim of providing advice and support for students, teachers, parents and carers and employers.

Because teachers are frequently parents too, and the best educational outcomes are achieved when teachers, students and parents work in partnership with each other, we wanted to provide this service:

  • to help parents and carers support their children as they make their way through the balancing act of work and school;
  • to encourage their children to seek the kind of advice and support which they might need for themselves;
  • To provide parents links to information about work because students say they look to their parents first for guidance.